Kador's Steel is Now Green

Kador's resource industry clients specify their steel in many different colours. But, underneath the paint system applied by our surface treatment partners, the steel is now a lovely shade of green.

This has come about through Kador signing up to the national GreenPower Program.

Kador's three workshops consume over 1.5 GWh of electricity each year, producing a wide variety of fabricated steel items for our clients. Through our participation in our electricity retailer's Green Energy program, our resource industry clients can be assured that the fabrication of their dump bodies, water spray rigs, haulers and other items is helping support their own environmental goals.

Established in 1997, GreenPower is a national accreditation program that sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for renewable electricity products offered by energy suppliers to businesses across Australia. GreenPower aims to increase Australia's capacity to produce environmentally friendly renewable electricity by driving demand for alternative energy generation.

The program was developed in consultation with the energy industry, and various non-government organisations including the Australian Consumers Association, Greenpeace, the Australian Conservation Foundation and WWF.