All Kador water tanks and service modules are supplied with a detailed operation and maintenance manual specific to the particular product delivered.

However if you require information on these products and the manuals are not available, generic instruction manuals may be of assistance.

The available manuals are as follows:

Water Tanks

General Info:

  • Generic Instructions SR110 Water Tank
  • Generic Instructions SR75 Water Tank
  • Generic Instructions SR50 Water Tank

Envirospray System

General Info:

  • 06500976A - Background and Operation
  • 06500977A - Commissioning and pre-start checks
  • 06500978A - Diagnostics
  • 06501205A - Spare Parts Manual


  • 06500980B - HYDEN391-C Spray Box
  • 06500981B - HYDEN391-D Spray Box
  • 06500982B - HYDEN391-E Spray Box
  • 06500983A - HYDEN422 module
  • 06500985B - HYDEN409-B Cannon Box
  • 06500986A - HYDEN352 Cannon
  • 06500987A - HYDEN407 Spray Heads
  • 06500988A - HYDEN424 Foam Pump and Foam Injector
  • 06500989A - HYDEN487 Water Level Monitoring

Akron Monitors

  • Hydraulic Monitor - Electrical Schematic
  • Model 8620 8625 109905 - Heavy-Duty Valve with Electric Actuator
  • Style 3491 & 3492 Severe Duty Monitor Service Repair Procedure
  • Style 3492 Severe Duty Hydraulic Monitor Operation & Maintenance
  • Style 3491 Severe Duty Electric Monitor - Installation and Operating Instructions

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