Water Spray Rigs

Over recent years, Kador has designed and constructed many water spray rigs, used for dust control on mine roads. With their large on-board water storage capacity, these rigs also have the ability to be used for fire fighting if required.

Water Spray Rigs

From Sept through November 2007, Kador was awarded contracts for eight more water spray rigs, ranging in size from truck mounted 70,000 litres units to a massive 190,000 litre articulated unit. By way of comparison, a good sized home swimming pool holds around 50,000 litres.

The rigs will be used on both new and existing mines, and are to be progressively delivered through to mid 2008.

More Bauxite Trailers for Weipa

Kador recently commenced manufacture of four more 195t bottom dump bauxite trailers for Rio Tinto Aluminium (RTA). These will be delivered through to mid 2008, and will take the total number of Kador supplied trailers to seventeen.

More Bauxite Trailers for Weipa

Kador is responsible for the full fit-out of the trailers, including all electrics and hydraulics, and fitment of axles and wheels. They will be handed over to RTA in Brisbane as fully commissioned units ready to be put into service on arrival at site.

Fuel & Service Trucks for Clermont Mine

In Sept 2007, Kador was awarded a contract to provide three Fuel and Service Trucks for the new Clermont coal mine in central Qld.

Fuel & Service Trucks for Clermont Mine

The trucks will carry fuel, lubricants and coolant to mining and ancillary equipment in the open cut, to enable this equipment to operate at maximum productivity.

One truck, to carry 30,000 litres of diesel fuel and a range of lubricating and hydraulic oils and coolant, will be based on a Cat 773E chassis. The others will carry smaller quantities of fuel but a similar range of oils and coolant, will be installed on Mack Metroliner bases.

Kador, with its partner Liquip Sales has wide experience in the design and manufacture of fully fitted out service vehicles, with large and small units currently operating in many mines throughout Queensland.

1,000th Franna Crane

Kador has been fabricating booms and bodies for Franna cranes (now part of the Terex Group) since 1998, and we recently completed our 1,000th Franna crane set.

1,000th Franna Crane

These workhorses of the Australian lifting industry were originally designed in Brisbane and are now to be found on construction sites and industrial locations across Australia and in some locations overseas.

Kador currently fabricates the full boom sections and bodies for the 15T, 20T and 25T cranes in its Sumner Park and Sherwood workshops, and delivers painted components to the Terex Eagle Farm facility where engines, drive train components, hydraulics, winches and electrics are added, and the completed cranes are assembled and commissioned, ready for dispatch. Current production is at a rate of around 30 crane sets per month.

With the increasing demand for Franna cranes, Kador has worked with Terex to implement 'lean' manufacturing techniques, so that Terex can meet ever increasing customer orders. This initiative was undertaken with the help of QMI Solutions, a Brisbane based not-for-profit organization which helps industry achieve manufacturing excellence through implementation of world class practices and technologies.

Bucyrus 8750 Dragline Propel Sections

In Feb 2007, Bucyrus Australia awarded Kador a contract to fabricate the Propel Sections of the new 8750 Dragline for the Lake Lindsay Coal Mine.


These consist of the left and right Intermediate Sections (approx 44 tonne each) and the left and right Bearing Sections (approx 70 tonne each).

Kador was able to meet the very strict quality requirements both in project management documentation/controls and in their application to fabrication and welding. The work was completed to schedule in June 2007.

Project Manager Neil Kerswell commented that "Kador has an open book policy with our customers and we work hard to be on time and meet client quality requirements. This journey with Bucyrus has been more like a partnership than a customer/supplier relationship and thus mutually beneficial to both companies. We hope this is the beginning of many more contracts with Bucyrus."