Rio Tinto Hydrocyclone Batteries

In December, Kador completed the first of three hydrocyclone batteries for Rio Tinto Aluminium's US$1.8 billion Yarwun Stage 2 alumina refinery expansion project near Gladstone. The project will more than double annual production, increasing annual alumina output from 1.4 million tonnes to 3.4 million tonnes by 2011.

Rio Tinto Hydrocyclone Batteries

The hydrocyclone batteries are each 6m wide and 5m high and will be installed in the Hydrate Classification section of the refinery. They each contain 24 cyclones and take liquor slurry from the Precipitation Tanks through a central distributor and separate it into Product (Hydrate) Slurry and Fine Seed Slurry.

Kador's scope of work included full shop trial assembly of the batteries, and hydrostatic testing of the internal piping systems.

Kador has good experience in the fabrication of the complex shapes used to make the hydrocyclone battery tanks and tundishes, having made the batteries for the initial stage of the Yarwun refinery, in 2003.

Kador Sponsors Brisbane Mining Dump Trucks Conference

As Queensland's leading manufacturer of dump bodies for mining dump trucks, Kador was pleased to accept an invitation to become a major sponsor of the Mining Dump Trucks conference to be held at the Brisbane Hilton Hotel on 9 & 10 Dec.

Kador Sponsors Brisbane Mining Dump Trucks Conference

The conference organisers write:

Increasing the payload on mining trucks can deliver substantial returns and improved productivity. Lighter trays deliver greater payload, however durability must be maintained for the productivity to be realized. But lighter trays and increased payload cannot be at the detriment of tyres or maintenance.

The impact of tray design can flow through to reduced maintenance, servicing, fuels, lubricants, tyre wear and tear. Workplace safety is also a major consideration in the operation of dump trucks. All of these items are critical to the overall successful management of a mine. The savings these design and operational changes deliver can result in many millions of dollars of additional profit.

The Mining Dump Trucks conference will bring together experts to look at the most pressing issues associated with dump truck tray design and to examine how best to improve productivity through streamlined operations.

At a time of economic uncertainty and rising pressures at the operational level this practical and focused event offers delegates a unique opportunity to learn from experts and to network with peers.

Further information about the conference, and registration details, are available on the Informa Australia web site.

Kador & Nyanda State High School Enter Into an Industry Cooperative Programme

Teachers at Nyanda State High School in Salisbury approached Kador in late 2007, looking for assistance to give their students real life skills that could lead to possible trade placements in the steel fabrication industry. Kador suggested that the students manufacture a quantity of the concrete mixer discharge chutes and support racks that Kador makes for a long standing customer.

Kador & Nyanda State High School Enter Into an Industry Cooperative Programme

After some months of set up, and with the assistance of a grant from the Queensland Department of Education, Training and the Arts, the students delivered their first batch of chutes in September.

The key focus areas for the program were to give the students an introduction into the engineering industry with real deadlines and simulated work conditions. With the help of Kador personnel and support from their teachers, the students have fabricated, welded and presented parts to industry quality standards. All students have enjoyed the challenge and are now looking forward to planning and producing further components.

Kador already has fifteen apprentices in its three workshops, and plans to take on further school based - and full time apprentices in the near future.

TV Network visits Kador Workshops

During September, Kador hosted a visit from a writer and producer from one of the TV networks who are researching a planned six part television drama series. The series will be largely set in and around a fictional medium sized engineering workshop which produces equipment and components for the mining industry.

TV Network visits Kador Workshops

Their specific interest was life in the workplace in the twenty first century - how things have changed, the cultural mix, migrant and temporary guest workers, the impact of the mining boom, the "post Workchoices" world in terms of employer/employee relations, etc.

The proposed fiction drama series will be set in Townsville and feature 'nuts and bolts' detail of life in the engineering world - from the minutiae of work on the shop floor, to the experiences of both local and guest employees, and the increasingly competitive business environment faced by employers.

Through visits to our three workshops, Kador gave the network personnel a good overview of life in a busy steel fabrication facility making engineered products for the mining and other industries.

Norwich Park Mine - Coal Hauler to Water Spray Rig Conversions

Kador is giving a new lease of life to two old 220T belly dump coal haulers by converting them into 190KL water spray rigs.

The haulers, which are each over 15 years old, and at the end of their useful life, are being sent from BMA's Norwich Park Mine to Kador's Carole Park workshop, where we cut off the gooseneck and tail section, and fit a new 190KL water tank in between.


Kador's work scope includes the design (including FEA) of the new baffled monocoque tank, integration of the new tank with the old gooseneck and tail end, and all mechanical, hydraulic and electrical work to provide fully functional water spray rigs for BMA.

The first of the 'new' water spray rigs was returned to Norwich Park Mine in August, and married up with its Cat 784 prime mover where it will provide many more years' service to the mine operations.

The second rig conversion commenced immediately after the completion of the first.