Kador Helps Put a Lid on Municipal Landfill Problems

Kador is helping municipal landfill operators put a lid on both their costs and their environmental problems through the manufacture of WasteWell Environmental's 'Landfill Lid'.

Kador Helps Put a Lid on Municipal Landfill Problems

WasteWell have designed a simple, affordable and adaptable landfill day cover system that controls birds, flies and windblown litter, and reduces fire risk, all at a lower cost than using virgin excavated natural material (VENM, or soil cover).

The Landfill Lids are placed over a compacted waste tip face at the end of every working day, using the machinery on site. Each lid comprises a portable, rigid, wind resistant 90m2 steel frame that weighs 1.5 tonne. A UV-rated PVC tarpaulin is attached to the frame and has no contact with the waste or ground. The lids are used in a series to cover the active working tip face, replacing the 150mm layer of VENM that would otherwise be required.

Easy to move with dozers, compactors, excavators or other machinery, the Landfill Lid can be positioned in minutes, making the end of the day easy for operators.

According to Wastewell, the Landfill Lid in use on a number of landfill sites and is gaining a growing share of the market.