Kador Implements 5S Housekeeping System

Kador, with the help of Brisbane based consultancy QMI Solutions, recently introduced the 5S Housekeeping System across its three workshops. The 5S system is a structured, systematized approach to housekeeping and a cornerstone of any successful manufacturing operation. It recognizes that good housekeeping is fundamental for an organization to deliver quality products on time.

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There are five steps to the 5S system. They corresponded originally to five Japanese words starting with 's' but now are most commonly known as follows:

  1. Sort - The first step in the 5S program is to get rid of excess materials and equipment
  2. Set in Order - The second step is to ensure that all materials, tools and equipment have a designated location and that all such locations are easy to find – 'a place for everything and everything in its place'
  3. Shine - This third step is sometimes referred to as "sweep" or "scrub". It emphasises the removal of dirt, grime and dust from the factory, and its purpose includes improving morale and ensuring that when someone needs to use an item it is in good condition and ready for use
  4. Standardise - Step four is to establish standards to be regularly applied to the workplace that will help maintain the first three steps (3S)
  5. Sustain - The fifth step is to make a habit of maintaining the momentum of the previous four steps to assure sustainability of the system

The system aims to remove waste from the workplace, provide a reduction in non-value adding activities, provide an environment that fosters continuous improvement and improve safety and quality.

Even after only a short period, Kador is reaping the benefits the 5S system provides.

QMI Solutions is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping industry on the journey to manufacturing excellence through research, education, and implementation of world class practices and technologies.

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