Tailgates for Hitachi EH4500 Dump Bodies

Kador recently delivered a tailgate for an Hitachi EH4500 dump body, to be trialed on a Hunter Valley Coal Mine. Designed by CMP Engineers, the tailgate is expected to be the first of many.


The mine operates a fleet of Hitachi EH4500 trucks with dump bodies previously built by Kador, and the tailgates will extend the versatility of these bodies, enabling them to carry a wider range of materials.

Kador and CMP Engineering have good experience in enhancing the performance of existing dump bodies, and can provide tailgates, ducktails and spill containment boards for all sizes of dump trucks.

Kador Partners with United Industries

Kador recently reached an agreement with United Industries of Perth WA, for United to market and manufacture under licence, Kador's range of mine water tankers, rear dump bodies and service modules in Western Australia.

Kador Partners with United Industries

The relationship with United will now give mine operators and OEMs the ability to purchase the same high quality Kador equipment for their operations in all the major mining regions across Australia.

United will manufacture and provide full after sales service and spare parts support for these products, which will be branded 'United – Kador', from their facility at Henderson, just south of Perth.

United Industries is a privately owned company founded in 1973, originally specializing in industrial and commercial insulation. Since then, it has grown and diversified its ability to manufacture, supply and install a wide range of products for the mining, oil and gas, industrial and commercial sectors.

For further information contact Mark Hipgrave at Kador on 0418 556 048, or Angelo Raguseo of United Industries on 0418 921 898.

Qld Mines Inspectorate Comments on Problems Caused by Haul Road Overwatering

Twice this year, the Qld Chief Inspector of Coal Mines has commented on safety problems caused by excessive watering of mine haul roads.

Qld Mines Inspectorate Comments on Problems Caused by Haul Road Overwatering

[photo from Safety Bulletin No 99]

In Safety Bulletin No 94 (22 Jan), he wrote that 'the number of incidents on haul-roads relating to over-watering is increasing. Most occur on ramps, and result in vehicle collisions with safety berms (bund walls)'. He recommended that 'water trucks should be fitted with pulsed infusion systems that can be effectively controlled by the operator to manage the water output.'

In Safety Bulletin No 99 (23 Aug) he pointed out that high potential uncontrolled movement incidents on mine roads are currently averaging 7-10 per month, with watering or excessive watering identified as the primary cause of such incidents in 46% of cases.

The bulletin goes on to say that it is 'imperative that more engineering controls replace administrative controls, to reduce or eliminate the probability of judgemental errors by water truck operators'.

Kador's water tankers, fitted with the EnviroSprayTM road speed dependent continuous and pulsed water spray system can help operators satisfy inspectorate guidelines and recommendations in this area. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn how.

InterSafe Helps Kador Improve Safety

Earlier this year safety consultant InterSafe conducted a number of interactive workshops with our workforce, and carried out high level risk assessments of all of our sites. Looking at the damaging energies that relate to manufacturing industries, talking to staff and evaluating the taxonomy of injury data, InterSafe were able to provide a comprehensive report for Kador to use as a blueprint for corrective action.

InterSafe Helps Kador Improve Safety

After rating the risks of the action points, teams have been rolling out the improvements across all sites. Our competitive manufacturing teams have also looked at some of the manual handling issues highlighted in the report, and have revised some work practises to eliminate hazards. For example at the Sherwood workshop, we have repositioned a jib crane so that a piece weighting over 70kg is more easily moved by crane instead of pushed on a trolley, thus eliminating several hazards and improving the flow of work.

We still have more challenges to address as we roll out our two year action plan, however, the participation of all sites in addressing the shared issues has resulted a synergy that has already produced excellent improvements.

Mission River Bridge Splint Piles

In early September, Kador delivered the last of sixty pile splints being manufactured to strengthen a rail bridge over the Mission River near Weipa on Cape York in FNQ.

The pile splint sections are fabricated in two halves from 12mm plate, and are designed to be bolted around the existing bridge piles, with the interstitial gap being filled with a special grout after installation. Particular attention was needed to the mating faces of the pile halves, with trial assembly undertaken in the workshop to verify a gap-free joint.


Accurate fabrication helps ensure the efficient and safe installation of the splints. This work is carried out by divers operating with few tools, while coping with poor visibility, tides, and the ever present 'salties' adding to the occupational hazards.

The application of lean manufacturing techniques enabled Kador's Carole Park workshop to complete the work five weeks inside the allocated twenty week contract period while still achieving tight manufacturing tolerances for camber, twist, out of round and overall dimensions.