The 2011 Billykart Challenge

Since 2008 the Billykart Challenge has been contested between state high schools in the western corridor of Brisbane to increase students' awareness of manufacturing, giving them an insight into the industry through a hands-on approach, whilst also providing local manufacturers an opportunity to meet potential employees/apprentices. Over the past few years, Kador has assisted schools with their entries in the event.

The 2011 Billykart Challenge

Each school partners with a local manufacturing company to create their billykart. Over a two day period, teams of students visit their industry partner and, together with tradespeople from within the company, commence construction (working within a set of design rules and specifications). The students then invest many more hours in their school workshops finishing off their billykarts.

The project also enables students to build on their metal fabrication and career transition skills in a real manufacturing environment.

This year Corinda SHS partnered with Kador's Sherwood Workshop. A group of students worked for a full day at Sherwood to cut the material and start the fabrication of the frame. Kador's contribution included the supply of some of the material and "special" wheel bearings as well as the use of welding equipment, tools and safety equipment needed while on site. Under the supervision of Manual Arts teacher Andrew Newberry, by the end of the day the boys had the frame well on its way to completion.

Once the billykarts have been completed, the student teams and industry partners competed in the Billykart Challenge race day - an opportunity for the schools and industry to come together and celebrate the completion of the project, while helping to strengthen the relationship between the school and business communities. Of course there's the small matter of who has the fastest Billykart! .To crown the Billykart Challenge Champion the teams participate in a series of heats, playoffs and then the finals.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and good engineering of all involved, the Corinda SHS team won the event and thus the title of Billykart Challenge Champion 2011.

The winning team later brought their billykart to Kador's Sherwood workshop to show our workforce and size it up against a 63 tonne capacity dump truck which we were working on at the time.

UQ Students Gain Work Experience at Kador

Each year Kador takes on a student from either UQ or QUT over the university summer vacation. This employment not only provides the compulsory work experience that students require prior to being awarded their degree, but also enables the completion of useful engineering projects that present themselves during the year.

UQ Students Gain Work Experience at Kador

This year, three UQ students are joining Kador to undertake separate projects over the summer months. These are:

  • to design and implement a removable, temporary safety handrail system for use during the manufacture of large sized mining products in our workshops
  • to undertake a lean manufacturing improvement project by developing formalised 'standard work' norms for the current state of manufacture, including time allocations to individual processes, and then review the 'standard work', identifying opportunities for improvement such as elimination of wastes (eg over processing, defects, over production, movement/double handling etc.)
  • to design and implement a Microsoft Access database to automate current incident reporting processes that are managed manually through Excel spreadsheets

Kador is encouraged by the enthusiasm of all the UQ applicants for these positions and expects these projects to be of benefit to both the students and Kador.

More Bottom Dump Trailers

Kador's position as Queensland's leading manufacturer of bottom dump trailers was reinforced by a recent order for five 195 tonne capacity bottom dump bauxite trailers for a FNQ mine. These bring to 22 the number of bauxite trailers supplied since 2004.

More Bottom Dump Trailers

Since 1990 Kador has also provided twelve 160 tonne and twenty seven 220 tonne trailers (see photo) for the Qld coal industry.

With our design partner, we can provide bottom dump trailers and associated hitch post assemblies for a range of OEM tractor sizes and hauled products.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

New Machining Facilities at Sumner Park

Kador has recently installed two state-of-the-art Okuma CNC machines at our Sumner Park facility, replacing older equipment that has now been retired.

New Machining Facilities at Sumner Park

The new machines are a Millac 852 Vertical Machine Centre, and a Genos L300–MX1000 lathe.

These have the capacity to process a wide variety of machined parts that were previously produced by external contractors.

The new machines have expanded the scope of work that can be produced in-house, and now allow us to undertake all machining required for the Terex Franna crane contract, and to produce high quality products for our mining and general engineering fabrication divisions.

We are now also able to undertake machining work for outside parties. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements.

Kador Continues WELL Literacy Program

Kador has been running a Workforce English Language and Literacy (WELL) program for our migrant workers since late last year (refer News item for July 2010).

Kador Continues WELL Literacy Program

The benefits achieved from this Ai Group sponsored pilot program encouraged Kador to embark on a business wide commitment to improve workplace language, literacy and communication skills across all levels in the Company.

Our workplace trainer, Julie Peries, has been working with employees at our three workshops, providing specific training to individuals and groups, to lift the level of literacy, comprehension and communication for all staff.

Philip Smith, Managing Director, was recently invited to speak at the Industry Skills Council meeting about Kador's experience. Philip described the process and decisions that lead to Kador investing in the literacy program as well as some specific successful examples. There was a great deal of interest from the attendees as the literacy problem is experienced across all sectors.

Further information is available at or by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.